7H Injector

7H Injector APK Download (Updated Version) v5.2 for Android

4.3 V5.2 15.6MB

Description of 7H Injector Apk:

In this modern world Billions of people are dependent on playing the best game PUBG Mobile and they enjoy playing PUBG Mobile. Many legendary players in the game have all the knowledge about the game. That’s why there are many difficulties for new beginners because they have no idea about the game. They don’t know how to play or anything else and they become tired of getting killed by pro players without winning a single match. So for players like them, we have an excellent solution to become a legendary player and that is 7H Injector Apk. By getting help from this injector you can quickly get lots of premium features and resources which you can use to upgrade your knowledge about the game.

Most of the players are very serious about PUBG. They want to become a pro player in a short time without practicing or without any investment and there are many helping tools for them on the internet. But you have to invest to get some of them and some of the tools are for free but they don’t work superbly. Many gamers lose their hope of becoming pro players. But for those gamers, 7H Injector Apk is like an angel because it will provide you with all the needed tips and tricks which a player needs to become an excellent player without doing any hard work.

As you know Mythic items are scarce things in Pubg mobile. Most of the players get them by royal pass and few players get them by crate opening. Through wasting their real money on the game and royal pass players get only 1 or 2 mythic items in 2 months, which is not enough to look like a good player. If you want lots of UC for crate opening without wasting your money. Then Install 7H Injector Apk now on your device. It will provide with you enough UC to get lots of mythic items and, gun skins, and in a week you will get mythic titles easily. Which will make your account very expensive and look different from other players’ accounts.

What is 7H Injector Apk?

You know that PUBG Mobile is getting difficult and difficult day by day. So you need a helping tool that should have all the excellent features. This will help in your game to fight again your enemies without any difficulty 7H Injector Apk is suitable to manage your fight against pro players because it is fully packed with lots of premium features and items. So you can easily survive without having any difficulty and snatched h whole field of PUBG also you will get double points at the end of the match. it will doesn’t matter if you win or lose the game because of its amazing features, you will get lots of points.

Moreover, 7H Injector Apk is very good in its security. I have anti-ban security which will keep your account safe from ban. So you can freely use this injector without having any problem. Also, it will provide you with many features like Flying cars, Auto recall, Automatic aim, zero recoil, iPad view, characters, background themes, etc. After using this feature you feel better and get a good effect on your game. Also, you can change the graphics to HD or UHD without having lag in your device. In other tools, you may have to pay for these features. But don’t be sad because you will get all these amazing paid features without any investment from our site.

Features Of 7H Injector Apk:

If you want to control all kinds of difficulties on your hand and want to play very easier gameplay during the game, then this Injector feature can play the main role during the game. There are lots of amazing features available in 7H Injector Apk to help you improve your gameplay. Some of the main features are listed down:

Unlimited UC

You will get lots of UC for free of cost, which you can use to get lots of amazing items.

Aimbot Menu

Your aim will be directly at the players it doesn’t matter r the player is close to you or far from you.

Auto Headshot

All your bullets will hit the enemy’s head and you will be able to kill your opponent in just 5 or 6 bullets.

High Speed

You will move too much faster than other players and you can move from one place to another in just a few seconds.

Additional Features

  • Free to download.
  • Simple UI.
  • No required password.
  • No subscriptions.
  • Drone view.
  • Unlimited UC.
  • Painted and upgraded guns.
  • No recoil or sensitivity.
  • Auto aim on the target.
  • Aim body head.
  • Auto kill.
  • No grass.
  • White body.
  • The maximum character copes.
  • Unlock lock items.
  • Car and costume skins.
  • Modern weapons and unlimited ammo.
  • Healthkids nad medkids.
  • No need for scope.
  • No errors.
  • Support root and root both.
  • Small sized.


Lately, 7H Injector Apk has lots of free features for its users. Which you can easily use to improve your skills and gameplay. Moreover, This tool is smaller in size so there will be no problem storing it on your devices. It will work on all Android and iOS devices without any problem. We hope This VIP PUBG Injector Apk will never make you sad and give you the best experience you ever had in your entire life. Thus, So download it now to enjoy its unlimited features. After using this injector if you love this injector. Also, tell your friends about it and help them also.